June 05, 2018


Assalamualaikum & Hi!

This was a late post on chemistry cafe. 
Well, bit sad as the cafe was already shut down its operation in Bangi. 

.Just some reminiscence about its food. 

.Dedicated this post as remembrance of Chemistry Cafe does exist years before. 

.Busking on weekends.

 .Hot chocolate with cute kitty.

 .Delicious seafood aglio olio.

.Caramel latte. 

.Goodbye Chemistry Cafe. 
.May you comeback with more prosperous business in future.

Price: ***
Service: ***
Food: ****
Cleanliness: ***


May 02, 2016

review: food: Hei Shushi

.Yesterday was public holiday in Malaysia.  Most shopping mall were crowded with people.  

.At first decided to go to IOI city mall,  but due to full parking spaces,  we move to Alamanda,  Putrajaya instead. 

.Strolling in Alamanda with hunger,  we stop at Hei Shushi for 'brunchner' (breakfast, lunch, dinner all in one). 

.Certified halal restaurant.

.Cute flower sushi. 

.spoons full of flavour.

.Ika with special sauce. 

. shashimi set. 

.Ice lemon tea. Lime tea.

. Vegetable tempura.

.overall the food was great, some were out of stock which was bit dissapointing, but  the service can still be improved more.

.the service quite slow, and restaurant were not being clean efficiently. 

.but, still love to go back, as food was statisfying. 

Price: ***
Service: ***
Food: *****
Cleanliness: ***
.Go and check out their facebook hei shushi

April 29, 2016


..standing alone is better than standing with people who hurt you..